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Daisy | Sculpture

Daisy | Sculpture

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Daisy celebrates the intricate bond between nature, humanity and human creativity. Much like a balloon's form relies on the air it contains to take shape, we, too, draw inspiration from our surroundings to define our existence, and it’s the flowers that breathe life into our surroundings allowing these whimsical creations, and ourselves, to take flight.

Daisy invites us to reflect on the dependence we have on the environment and to cherish, protect, and sustain the very source of our inspiration.


Corn-based recycled polylactic acid & mixed media.

Care Instructions

Use a soft damp cloth and a drop of mild soap to remove any stubborn mark. Dry with dry cloth. Be gentle, don't push!

Our Promise

This piece is 3D printed with a sustainable bioplastic sourced naturally, of which for every spool produced, a tree is planted to give back to the earth.

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