The Face

A Venezuelan chica who sees the world with wide curious eyes. She'd describe herself as a compassionate, resourceful and creative designer who also finds herself to be an artist.

She grew up in Venezuela and attended college at the University of Colorado - Boulder where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Design.

She seeks inspiration from what surrounds her. Everything has cause for admiration. It fascinates her when something she sees not only winks at her and calls her name, but also surprisingly serves a purpose. 

She likes using hints of color. This may have something to do with the fact that she's been surrounded by them her entire life. Venezuela is a tropical country that, from flower to flower, covers the entire range of colors. Her favorite being yellow, not too bright tho. More like a mustard-y yellow.

Among the things that she enjoys the most is designing and creating pieces that she can manipulate with her hands. She likes to feel the weight, the texture, and just being able to grab it and say “I did this.”

She's Federica de Lemos.

The Brand

Born from the primitive and inherent need of all human beings to possess something treasured that we instinctively want to protect and therefore refuse to share. Mionopeto represents the feeling of ownership and the desire to be surrounded by things that captivate you, that you admire and that you’re proud to have.

“Mío, no presto."

A story that began with a boy who had his toy cars, and denied everyone else from playing with them.

He simply stated: “mionopeto."

Colorín colorado, this version of the story has come to and end. Now it’s time for you to make yours.

With your own mionopeto.

* Spoiler alert: the boy from the story is Fede's dad.