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Figura(te) | Coaster Sculpture

Figura(te) | Coaster Sculpture

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Figura(te) consists of a set of 8 acrylic coasters that make up a sculpture.

It's a playful and interactive product inspired by a child's cognitive abilities when learning about colors, shapes and how things fit together.

Its purpose is to bring out your inner child.



Care Instructions

Use a clean microfiber cloth to dip in soapy water and wring until it is just damp. Wipe down each coaster. There is no need to rinse with clean water unless you used too much soap and the finish looks foggy. Allow the piece to air-dry.

Our Promise

When laser cutting our coasters, we accomodate our design to take full advantage of the material surface and keep all scraps for future projects. This way nothing goes to waste.


  • 3 extra silicone bumpers.
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