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Donut Eat Me | Sculpture

Donut Eat Me | Sculpture

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Donut Eat Me is a whimsical sculpture of an oversized donut. With its larger-than-life presence it playfully mirrors the allure of indulgence, bewitchingly tempting the senses while remaining just out of reach. This delightful artwork serves as a tantalizing symbol of desires and cravings that we long to satisfy but must simply savor from afar.

As you gaze upon its mouthwatering form, Donut Eat Me entices the senses and captures the essence of yearning, reminding us that sometimes, the most delicious things in life are meant to be admired, savoring the anticipation, but never truly tasted.


Hand made of corn-based recycled polylactic acid & mixed media.

Vase made of clear vinyl.



Care Instructions

Use a soft damp cloth and a drop of mild soap to remove any stubborn mark. Dry with dry cloth. Be gentle, don't push!

Our Promise

This piece is 3D printed with a sustainable bioplastic sourced naturally, and for every spool produced, a tree is planted to give back to the earth.


  • Wall anchors and screws.
  • Two folding plastic flower vases.
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